Omnia 11

Omnia.11 is not just the next step forward from our prior offerings. They took their platform, stripped it down beyond the bare walls and built a fortress. Everything from the firmware platform, the GUI, to every algorithm was re-thought, and in most cases re-engineered or re-designed. The signature Omnia sound was kept intact, while the level of perceivable quality has noticeably improved. AGC’s, Compressors, and Limiters analyze music in real time and adjust internal parameters for optimum performance across a broad range of material. Listeners will hear the music, not the processor. A major part of this technology, the new Density Detector, enables Omnia.11 to properly handle hypercompressed content. The AGC system cannot be fooled due to heavy density, or older material that contains high peak-to-average levels. One could almost say, there isn’t a sweet-spot, as the density-detector keeps Omnia.11 operating on-target, at all times.
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Product Specifications
Chameleon Processing Technology
Ultra-LoIMD Multiband Limiter System
Bass Management
New Ultra LoIMD Distortion Controlled Clipper System
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