2 or 4 20Hz-15KHz CD quality audio channels.
Offers to traditional analog radio links a CD audio quality.
Correct decoding with an SNR of the digital signal as low as 30dB.
PAM type coding of channels, with 2 levels, a partial response, which enables to reduce the bandwidth.
Minimum channel width required: 250KHz (2ch.) or 450KHz (4 ch.).
Auxiliary Data Channel RS232.
Automatic muting in case of synchronization loss.
Led bar indicating the audio level.
Meets or exceeds all FCC requirements.
Modular composition which enables an easy replacement of circuits and parts.
Two indipendent outputs of the digital signal coded by the DTX.
Output of the regenerated digital signal on the DRX which allows multiple leaps without any additional costs.
Easy to upgrade from 2 to 4 channels.
Manual N/A
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Product Specifications
S/N >30dB
Audio Frequency response 2 to 4 channels 20Hz-15kHz +o- 0.7dB
Sampling Rate 32Khz
Source encoding ADPCM Sub-band
Total Delay <5ms
Auxiliary data input/output connector DB9 Female
Encoded Signal Input/output connector BNC
Encoded signal output impedance 100 Ohm
Peak deviation 53 kHz (38 kHz)
Pass Band 200kHz (350 kHz)
Dimensions W 14.6" x L 19" x H 1.7"
Shipping Weight 15.4 L (7Kg)
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