Supports analogue and digital Audio Source.
High performances Stereo Coder with Stereo Separation > 65 dB and S/N ratio > 80 dB.
Balanced audio inputs with high level of Common Mode Rejection Ratio (CMRR > 70 dB, from 20 Hz to 15 kHz), filtered from the RF interference and protected against Fast Transient Events.
Ground subdivision system (Audio and Chassis) optimized to avoid Ground-Loops phenomena.
Two buffered MPX outputs, each with indipendent level, allow to keep an optimum Stereo Separation with loads as low as 50 Ohm.
Can deal with digital AES/EBU coded input, or even with standard analog “Left” e “Right” signals, that are converted into digital format (A/D).
SDC2000 generates the stereo composite “MPX” directly in digital form, using as input the igital Left and Right inputs; this guarantees: Maximum S/N and fidelity in the stereo signal.
Maximum stereo separation in the whole frequency range.
The SDC2000 supports a professional MPX limiter fully compliant with the ITU Recommendation 412. This allows a continuous control of the modulation and safeguard of the transmitting specifications (maximum frequency deviation +/-75 kHz and maximum MPX power modulation 0 dBr) .
The SDC2000\SFN handles all the functions needed to work in real SFN configurations synchro of RF carrier delay time as delay line on all the inputs (Left, Right, MPX and AES/EBU), beyond functions of the SDC2000.
The SDC2000\GPS allows 1ppm of carrier synchronization by the built-in GPS source, beyond functions of the SDC2000.
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Product Specifications
Input/Output connector XLR - Type
Sampling Frequencies (Digital Input) From 32 to 96 KHz
Impedance 600/10K - software selectable
Audio Input Level 6/18/30 dBu
Digital audio output connector PIN - RCA unbalanced
Digital audio output format S/PDIF
MPX Output
D/A converter 24 bit
Pilot tone 19 KHz +/- 0.1 Hz
Attenuation 19KHz - 90 dB
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