5KW Solid State Transmitter.
Extremely compact modular construction.
Supply section separated from RF section in order to guarantee ease of use and maintenance.
RF section totally in broadband, no optimization needed in case of frequency change.
Exceptionally high gain P.A. and high efficiency with new high power Mosfect Pallet.
Low driving power (lower than 3W) with LD (Low Drive) option.
Automatic gain control for an absolute stability of the power output.
New design Splitter and Combiner that allowed the maximum RF efficiency.
Full-range protection system for the single components of the amplifier to guarantee an high efficiently functioning.
Very high redundancy, if one or more power amplifier modules fails (totally or partially) the amplifier automatically reduces output power to a safe value but continues transmitting. In case of faulty of one or more power supplies, the amplifier continue to work with reduce power.
User-friendly LCD control panel and display for easy setting and monitoring of all the operation parameters. Easy maintenance through the use of standard components and clean mechanical design. Easy Maintenance extremely reduced through the choice of advanced project solutions and the use of high quality components. Interfeaceable with all the RVR’s standard telemetries.
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Product Specifications
Output Power 5 KW
RF Output Connector 1-5/8'' EIA Flange
Frequency Range 87.5 MHz to 108 Mhz
AC Power Source 3 phase 380 - 415 VAC with neutral
Operational Mode Mono - Stereo (L & R) - MPX - AES/EBU (opt)
S/N >80 dB RMS
Frequency Programmability Front panel LCD
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