The new SCML1+1 SL changeover family can be connected to all RVR equipment and are characterized by.
1) SCML1+1 SL/ V1: with external relay, for transmitters from 150W to 1 Kw.
2) SCML1+1 SL/V2: with internal relay, for transmitters lower than 150 W.
3) SCML1+1 SL/V3: with external relay, for transmitters higher than 1 Kw.
4) SCML1+1 SL/V4: with interface for customized relay.
A clear and inmediate representation of the working conditions through synoptic indication on the position of changeover. Maximum performances, rugged and unexcelled reliability at a convenient price.
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Product Specifications
AC Power Supply 110 / 230V + 10/-15%, full range
DC Power Supply 24V
Working Temperature -10° C to +50° C
Maximun relative humidity 95% without condensing
Dimensions 483 x 44 x 390 mm
Shipping Weight About 6.5 kg
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