The Telelink is an interface endowed with a microcomputer with risc micreprocessor and an operating system specialized resident RTOS in the simultaneous management of data that transit trught 4 serial ports.
The Telelink opens the channel of telemetrystandard RVR, available on connector DB9 and normally connected to the telecon32 or to the modem, to systems of telemetry of station of high-level what ANTLAN, BURK, SNMP.
Besides it has a Web resident Server that allows to be connected online ethernet and explored by a normal browser type explorer or similar (function HTML). Besides it supports the messages E-mail to signal errors of system. The protocols TCP-IP, Telnet, http, SNMP, XML/ RSS, HTTPS/ SSL/ SSH is managed by a DSP to 120 Mhz inside to the TELELINK.
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