TK10KW Barracuda

FM “Barracuda” transmitters are cooled via a non-toxic, non-corrosive liquid that can withstand temperatures under -30° C. The liquid is composed during production of the transmitter, so that no mixtures or additives are required during station installation.
The cooling system features a double pump, with switching and automatic diagnostics. Pump reversal is programmable to avoid malfunctions due to long intervals of pump inactivity.
Liquid cooling and absence of air conduits considerably simplifies the steps performed during the first installation and later during maintenance, features that also make for a cleaner work environment.
Further, the customary emphasis RVR places on easy maintenance is fully reflected in the manufacturing technology of the TX Barracuda models, which mount the pump compartment on the removable carriage; and with special gate valves that prevent the need to empty out the liquid present in the unit “Barracuda” transmitters feature the most sophisticated systems of control and protection traditional of RVR equipment, fully manageable by remote control with our telemetry systems. Specific features of this line of transmitters are the signalling of false starts by the pumps, so as to allow the operator to make a preliminary diagnosis of potential operating malfunctions, and the tank design with indication of liquid reserve.
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