Omnia 6EX/6EXi HG+ FM

Introducing Omnia-6EX HD+FM... the unique parallel-output audio processor for Digital and Conventional FM. There’s a lot of buzz about the new HD Radio codec. We’ve heard it and agree with the many others who like it and say it’s now time to get on with radio’s transition to digital. Because HD Radio and DAB systems can transmit audio frequencies up to 20kHz, listeners will finally be allowed to hear the full CD spectrum – if their radio stations choose the right on-air processor. On this point, you should know something important: Some “HD” processors simply hack off everything above 15kHz... robbing listeners of the full HD Radio experience and keeping our industry in a fidelity backwater. The new Omnia-6EX won’t short-change your listeners. We’ve built Omnias with sampling rates of 48kHz and higher from the start. All along, we’ve needed the sampling headroom to keep analog FM audio grunge-free. Now it’s essential for DAB and HD Radio. Even if some listeners wouldn’t notice the miss
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