Element is the popular modular console from Axia Audio. Element frames are offered in sizes ranging from 4 to 28 positions, with support for up to 40 faders in multiple linked frames. Element is designed to work with the Axia Studio Mix Engine and plugs into the network with a single CAT-6 Ethernet cable. Features four Program buses, and four auxiliary buses. Several module types provide control of mic/line inputs, telephones and other devices. Enhanced, integrated features for phones and codecs include auto-assigned mix-minus on each channel, easy talkback for remote talent cueing, one-button off-air phone record mode, and optional integrated Telco line switching. Each user can save unique profiles allowing different preferences, layouts and defaults for a variety of shows and talent. Includes digital EQ, dynamic mic processing, and many other advanced features. Allows sharing of audio resources across multiple studios. Requires user-supplied VGA monitor for metering and options displ
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