RVR TEX transmitters offer uncompromised transmission quality at a very attractive price. Ideal for use as drivers for mid-power stations or as transmitters in stand-alone applications. Adjustable power output from 0 Watt to maximum output power.Key audio features are low distortion and intermodulation values and a high noise/signal ratio. RVR TEX transmitters are compact (525mm depth only) and indeformable thanks to the stainless steel chassis, in 3 rack units only.Universal 80-260 V multi-voltage power supply enables operation on different mains voltages with no need to preselect voltage. Pushbuttons for user/device interaction provide enhanced accessibility, resulting in extreme ease of use. Configuration software offers a simple, intuitive interface.
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Product Specifications
Output Power 700 W
Frequency Range FCC -CCIR and other on request
Operational Mode Mono, Stereo, Multiplex
Modulation Type F3E
Cooling system Forced, with internal fan
Dimensions 21.6'' x 19'' x 5.21'
Shipping Weight 50.6 Lbs (23 Kg)
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