Easy to program via Personal Computer using a RS232 serial interface 1200 รท 19200 Baud.
Selectable programmation language: English or Italian.
Standard EBU Services available: PI: Program Identification, PS: Program Service, PTY: Program Type, TP: Traffic Program Identification, TA: Traffic Announcement, AF: Alternative Frequencies, M/S: Music/Speech, PIN: Program Item Number, RT: Radio Text, EON: Enhanced Other Networks, TDC: Transparent Data Channel, IH: In-house Application, LIC: Language Identification Code, CT: Clock Time, TMC: Traffic Message Channel, ECC: Extended Country Code, LI: Linkage Information, FT: Fast Tuning.
Up to 500 PSN strings (8 alphanumeric characters), grouped into 10 sequences and 200 Programs.
Alternative Frequencies features: Method A: 25 Frequencies with 50kHz steps or 12 Frequencies with 25kHz steps. Method B: 50 Lists of 12 Frequencies with 50kHz steps.
Automatic lock in phase with the 19KHz pilot tone of the Stereo Coder.
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Product Specifications
RDS Signal Meets CENELEC EN 50067 specification
Coding Type Differential at two levels
Modulation Type DSB with suppressed carrier
Frecuency 57 KHz
Band +/- 2.4 KHz
Mono/MPX Input 0 / +12 dBu
ON-Air Programming With dedicated software
Shipping Weight 7 Lbs
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