The quality of digital transmission at a competitive price.
The latest use of DSP Technology complying with all EC High performance built-in digital stereo coder, ITU, professional limitter and on board RDS.
Completely mocroprocessor controlled, easy to program via menu or RS232, all main parameters displayed on LCD screen.
AES/EBU, L&R, Mono and MPX inputs, auxiliary inputs for SCA/RDS signals.
Totally manufactured with SMD Technology for superior operating security.
80 to 260 V multi-voltage universal power feeder with no selection requirements. Compact: only 2 rack units, crush-proof and light, stainless steel chassis.
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Product Specifications
Frequency Range 87.5 MHz - 108 MHz
Modulation Type From Software, with10 kHz
Operational Mode Mono, Stereo, Multiplex
Pre-emphasis mode Selectable by Software
Dimensions W 19" x H 3 1/2" (2HE) x D 15.7"
Shipping Weight 28.7 L (13 Kg)
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